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Listed below is on ongoing list of features we've released to the platform.


September Updates

Over the last few weeks we’ve been busy building some new tools and fixing some issues. Here’s an overview of what we’ve been working on. Your apps will automatically update with the latest changes.

Events - Admins can now create an event and users can respond to that event. Each events includes the following fields:

  • Event Name
  • Description
  • Image
  • Location
  • Start Date/Time
  • End Date/Time

Once the event is created a push notification will be sent to all users informing them of the event. From the app they can respond “going”, “interested”, or “not going.” All interested or attending users will be displayed in the reports section. If the event is updated, users who have expressed interested or are attending will receive updates about the changes.

Create an Event by accessing the "Dashboard" option from the app and choose "Events."

Try it out now for your next alumni event!

Desktop Site - Over the last several weeks we’ve been working to update the app. Now it’s time to focus on the admin experience. We realize that some tasks are easier done on your computer, so we’re working hard to improve the desktop experience. The new desktop site mirrors the app. From it you can perform all the tasks an end-user can, along with admin features like creating and managing posts, events, and settings. The last part of this process is to upgrade our reporting suite. We’re still a few weeks away from that release, but until then, feel free to contact us and we can walk you through any reporting questions.

New background images - We’ve added over 24 new background images to the sobriety counter. Our VP of Product even included a picture he took while hiking!


  • Tracking “active” users - corrected issue where some user last login date wasn’t being updated
  • Accepting invitations - updated interface to allow users to accept invitation to a new team
  • Display date of post in stream - corrected the timestamp for posts
  • Badge count - badge count now displays the correct number of notifications
  • Deleting posts - corrected issue where some posts were deleted, but the notifications was still displayed
  • SMS Invitations - corrected issue where admins could input 10 digits for phone number

August Updates

Share Sobriety Progress: The sobriety counter now supports sharing that image on social media sites, text, or email. Just select the “share” icon from the sobriety image at the top of the stream and a preview of the image will load up. You’ll notice that the sobriety image includes your treatment center’s logo in the bottom corner. Users are able to select how they’d like to share the image with others.

User Profiles: This is by far one of the most requested features we’ve had and we’re excited to announce it’s here! First, users can include additional information as part of their profile. Under the “edit profile” page, users can input their city, state, date they left treatment, and where they work, in addition to the current fields of name and profile photo. From the stream, anytime a user selects a user’s name or profile photo, they’ll be taken to that user’s page where they can view the associated profile information and a list of posts that user created. It’s important to note that users have the ability to control what information they share.

Click-To-Call Posts: Through the admin dashboard you can now create a post which includes a phone number. This post appear in the stream based on when the post is scheduled to be displayed. When a user selects the button in the post the phone’s keypad will appear, prompting the user to complete the call.

July / August Updates

Upgrade of app to native framework

June Updates

Wow, June went by fast and we have 2 impressive features to share with you!

With several hundred users on the app, we’ve been collecting feedback around how to make the app more engaging. It’s important that the end users (alumni and family) continue to use the app throughout their recovery. The almost unanimous feedback included a brief tutorial when you opened the app for the first time and a way to see the specific post that resulted in the push notification. We delivered on both of those requested for this sprint!

App Tutorial:


The tutorial outlines the key features and benefits of the app and allows the user the complete those key tasks from within the tutorial.

Viewing Comments or Reactions:

When a user “likes” one of your posts or leaves a comment, you want to see which post they reacted to. Now you can select the specific notification from the notifications menu and be taken directly to that post.  

Requesting Access:

Many of our clients use CaredFor for alumni and family support. Now when users download the app they can request which group they want to join. The rest of the process hasn’t changed; admins will still receive an email with the ability to approve or reject the request.

In addition to these features, we’ve correct several bugs and implemented some performance improvements.

Got Questions or want to share some Feedback? Email me directly -


May Updates!

CaredFor’s May product release include a number of features around user engagement. We’ve been working closely with our clients to determine what’s working and what can be improved. Keep that feedback coming!

Sobriety Counter: Now within the app you’re able to track your sobriety progress. When users login they’re prompted to enter their sobriety date, then that date is shown at the top of the stream. Users can easily share that date in a post. As a post, other users can react or comment.


Reminder Notifications: We’ve added a number of reminders which help to get users and admins back into the app. These include:

  • Weekly Summary Emails - outlining group activity like posts, new members, and sober birthdays
  • User Reminder Notifications - reminding users who haven’t logged into within the last 20 days to check out the recent activity
  • Admin Reminder Notification - if an admin or team lead hasn’t posted within the last 7 days, reminding them to create a post

First Post Feature: We want to make it easy for users to get started with their first post. We’ve created a feature which prompts users to create their first post. We even have a draft of that first post created for them, all they have to do it click “post”!


Topic Push Notifications: We’ve updated the push notification for topics / conversation starters with more information. The goal is to get users to see the notification and login to create a post.

April Updates!’s been a busy month for our product team. We’ve pushed a ton of new features that we think you’ll be really excited about. Along the way to fixed a number of small issues, many of which you reported!

Design Updates:

UI and UX are extremely important to building engagement. Even small changes will help make the app easier to use! Here are few changes we made this month:

  • Sober Birthdays - Updated design to make the post more prominent in the stream.
  • Conversation Starters - Added a headline and updates the styles so users are prompted to leave a response to the questions.
  • Likes / Comments - Improved accessibility so users can easily view / create comments and reactions.

New Features:

Scheduling - Admins can now schedule Inspirations, Conversation Starters, and Promoted Posts. This allows you to create these posts in advance, define a display date, then once that day has been reached your users will receive a push notification and those post will be shown in the stream. This feature is designed to help you more easily manage the app. The CaredFor team is here to help supplement your content efforts. If you need help, let us know!

To access this section go to your CaredFor desktop site > menu > dashboard > content and select the “+” icon and choose which post type you’d like to create.

Content Management Page:


URL / Link Preview: When users include a URL in a post, the app will automatically pull in the title, description, and image associated with that link - just like Facebook and Twitter do. In addition, if you include a YouTube or Vimeo link we’ll pull in the video and allow users to play that video from your CaredFor app! Consider using this feature to show alumni stories or testimonies.

Here’s an example:


Contact Page: Several of our clients asked for a “contact” page to be shown in the app. This page allows you to provide key contact information, including phone numbers and address. You can control what information is shown on that page under menu > dashboard > facility tools > contact information

Bugs: Listed below are some of the main issues we fixed during this release.

  • Badge count notification weren’t being reset properly under certain conditions
  • Added a default message if no announcement were created
  • Fixed permission issues for certain user-levels

As always, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!

Mid-April Release:

Invitation Reminders: For this release we made a few changes around how users are invited to the app. When you input an email address or mobile number into the "invite user" section the recipient will receive a series of emails (or texts) from the app. The first email or text is the initial invitation. If the user doesn't create an account within 5 days another email or text will be sent. A final invitation message will be sent 7 days later if the user still hasn't created an account. For each email or text, the messaging is slightly different and offers the user a compelling reason to join the app. In addition, we're tracking the conversion rate for these messages, so we're able determine the number of bounced emails, open rate, and click rate.

Deleting Comments: We've introduced a new feature which allows admins, team leads, and the comment owner to delete a given comment.

Bug Fixes: We addressed a number of bugs around admin features like creating announcements and user features.

End of March Release:

Promoted Posts: Promoted posts are articles, events, or other information the treatment center wants displayed in the stream for their alumni/patients to see. With this release, we're allowing team leaders and admins to schedule promoted posts by defining a display date/time. Once that date/time is reached, the promoted post will be added to the stream and will trigger a push notification. Read more about that feature here.



Sharing Promoted Posts: At the bottom of each promoted post, there's an option to "share" the article with other. By selecting the "share" link, users can share the link via SMS, social, email, or any other tool on their phone or tablet. On the backend, we're tracking each time those links have for click, providing the treatment center with key metrics.



Supporting URLs in Posts: If a user inserts a URL in a post, that URL can now be accessed.

Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

Mid-March Release:

Optimization - Images are not resized for mobile display. This improvement improves the load time of the app.

User Invitations - Users (alumni / patients) can  now invite fellow alumni to use the app. By selecting the "share" icon, the device text message app (iMessage or Android Message) will be displayed, allowing the user to share a URL and message inviting that person to use the app. The person being invited will still need to register for an account which will trigger a "request for access" email to your team.



Admin Invitations - Admins and Team Leaders can now invite alumni via SMS. Through the "settings" or "share" options, you can enter a phone number. The invitee will receive a text message with instructions on how to download the app. During the registration process, if the user enters the same phone number as the invitation, they won't have to "request access" to the app.


Various Bug Fixes:

  • Image rotation in preview section
  • Team Leader and Admin access issues


Profile Completeness is a notifications that prompts the user to complete their profile. A complete profile allows the user to receive the most value from the app. By clicking the "x" icon, the prompt will be hidden for 2 weeks. Here's a view of that feature. 



Announcements - read more here

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