Managing Announcements

Menu > Dashboard > Announcements

The announcement feature is a way to send a mass update to all users of the app with information and a link. Based on the content and priority, announcements are a great way to provide your users with updates about an upcoming event or activity.

From the announcements page you and edit or delete an existing announcement by selecting the corresponding icon. To create a new announcement select the "create announcement" option.

Announcement are structured with the following sections:

  • Announcement - The text of the announcement to be display in the push notification (if listed as "high" priority and truncated if too long) and display in its entirety in the announcements section.
  • Action button text - The text of the button the user will select
  • Action button URL - The URL the user would click to access the desired external page.
  • Priority - All announcements will be shown in the "announcements" section of the app under menu > announcements. The following table outlines the priority levels.
  Low Medium High



In App In App Push + In App
Color Blue Yellow Red
Display of announcement text In announcements page In stream + In announcements page In stream + In announcements page




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