#1 - Using the app

The best way for you to learn about the features of the app is to experience it for yourself! Start by downloading the app by searching for it in the iTunes and Google Play stores. 

Once you download the app, complete the registration process. At this point you'll either have an account or your account will need to be approved. Once your access has been approved, you'll receive a push notification and have access to the entire app.

Complete your profile - The profile information includes your name, contact information, profile photo, notification settings (including push notifications), and sobriety date. Learn more.

Creating your first post - As a normal user, you have the ability to post an image, text, leave a comment, a reply to a comment, or a reaction to a post or comment. As an administrator or team leader, you have ability to create different types of posts listed here.

Invite a friend - As a normal user, you have the ability to invite fellow alumni. By selecting the "share" icon from the main page, the device SMS option (iMessage or Android message) will appear. This feature will allow you to text a link to a friend. By using that link, the user will be able to download the app and "request access." Once their access has been approved, they will be able to use the app. If your role is "team lead" or "admin", that "share" icon will prompt you to enter a phone number or email address. That feature will text or email the user a link to download the app. When the user registers using the email or phone number provided, they'll have instant access to the app. Learn more about user roles here.


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