#2 - Admin Site

We realize that some features and workflows are easier to accomplished on a full web experience and not in the app. As the administrator, we've created a website for you to better interact with the administrator options of the app. Let's review those here:

As an "admin' or "team leader" you have a set of permissions that regular users don't. You can learn more about those roles here.

Contact us at support@caredfor.com to access the URL for your site.

With that URL, you'll login with the same credentials used to access the app. The web experience is a responsive view of the app, meaning you can still posts updates, invite users, and perform other user actions.

From the menu, you'll notice the "dashboard" option. The dashboard allows you access to the following admin features:

Analytics - learn more about analytics >>

Content - learn more about promoted content >>

Announcements - learn more about announcements >>


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