#3 - Creating a Launch Plan

Having a plan to launch your CaredFor app will help your team work through the logistics launch, making sure the organization is prepared to communicate the new app to your alumni and address any issues with arise.

Here's a basic outline for the launch of your app:

Make sure the basics are covered - There are a few customization options for your app. Those include the name of the "team", the branding graphic, and the team description. From your training, you'll recall that the "team" is a group of users. You organization may offer a team for your alumni and another team for family members of alumni. Teams are not able to see each other or interact with content outside of the team they're assigned to. Before you launch, make sure those items are correct. You can learn more here.

Get your team on board! - Start off by inviting members of your team. Initially this might include other members of the alumni team. As you begin to expand, invite other team members. You can invite those users using the "share" option explained here

Start Posting Content - Initially you should become familiar with creating basic posts. Those may include photos, text, or photos with text. As you begin to explore the app and the web experience, you can start creating admin posts like daily inspirations, conversation starters, and announcements as explained here. Creating a content plan will be the final step and is discussed in part 4 of the launch guide.

Invite Your Alumni - The alumni invite process should be completed in stages. Those stages include existing alumni (all or phases) and new alumni. We've created a more detailed plan here.

Engage! - You'll recall that as part of your content plan, our team will schedule posts to be completed. This scheduling interface is not exposed to your team at this point. As that content plan is being executed, your alumni will start to login, leave posts, comments, and reactions. As your alumni start to interact with the app you'll want them to know your team is listening. We recommend that you schedule to spend 15 minutes 3-4 times per week in the app. This will allow you to leave a comment, post a reply, or offer some support.

Here's a schedule our team recommends:

  • If you receive a push notification because an alumni comments on your post, take a moment to review it.
  • Login 3-4 times per week. Each time review new posts. Remember to leave a comment or reaction to show your alumni your listening. Where appropriate, create a new post from your own account.


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