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Featured content allows the facility to schedule articles, event reminders, or other information as a post in the stream of content. 

At the top of the content page you can create a new featured post. To create featured content, you’ll be asked for the following information:

  • Title - This is the first line of text which will appear in the featured content post and as the title of the push notification.
  • Description - The is the body of text which will appear below the title and in the push notification.
  • Call To Action URL - Not required, but if used will link to the external site referenced.
  • Button Text - This will be the text of the button to access the external URL. The default text is "read more."
  • Image: In this section you can include an image to your featured content post. This is a great opportunity to include an infographic.
  • Post Date: The date when you want the featured post to be shown in the stream.
  • Post Time: The hour/minute when that post should be shown in the stream for the given date. The default date/time is the current date/time.

Note: Once the date/time is reached, the post will be added to the stream and a push notification will be triggered.

At the bottom of the page you’ll see the existing featured content posts. From this section you have the ability to view information related to the featured content post or deleted a given featured content post.


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