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Note: We are currently working to update our analytics systems. Until then, feel free to email if you have questions about your metrics.


Menu > Dashboard > Analytics


Metrics help you to understand user activity. The system currently tracks the following metrics:

  • The Analytics page show the following reports for the given month. The arrows at the top of the page allow you to navigate to the previous months.
    • Posts per day
    • Total number of topics, number of topic responses, and grid of top topics
    • Comments per day displayed as comments on a post and replies on a comment
    • Reactions per day displayed as reactions to a post and reaction to a comment
    • Total users per day
    • Users with milestones (sober birthday)
    • Invitations per day, listed as pending and accepted.

Example of "Post" metrics for a given client:


Note: This feature is designed for use on a web experience. Contact us if you need access to URL for your site.

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