User Roles

When a new user is invited, their default role is “member”, but as the administrator you have the ability to assign a different role. The platform allows you to define one of two roles to a given user; team leader or member.

  • Administrator - This role has admin privileges for the team, allowing the user to edit the team settings, posts, and users. Note: this role is initially configured by CaredFor
  • Team Administrator - This role has admin privileges for the team and will receive all notifications when a “member” or “owner” roles create posts. This role is allowed to invite users and approve requests for access for the specified team.
  • Member - This role has the ability to participate in the team discussion by creating posts, leaving comments, or reactions. When a patient role creates a post, users with the role of “member” will receive a notification.

Note that by default all invited users are assigned the “member” role.


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