Conversation Starters

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Conversation Starters allows you to create discussions with your users. The conversation starter could be some text with an image, text, or an image. Your users are prompted to leave their response to the conversation starter while viewing the post. All your user responses will be grouped under the conversation starter and the most recent response will be show, with the other responses appearing upon expanding the conversation responses section.

Responses to a conversation allow for replies and reactions, just like a regular post would.

Create a Conversation Starter:

  • Access the "content" section from the dashboard page
  • Select the create post button, the choose "topic"
  • Input your text or select the camera icon to select an image
  • Input a date/time when the post should be published
  • Select which group (if you have multiple groups) the post should apply to
  • Select the "post" button when complete


Example Conversation Starter:

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