Creating a Milestone

Menu > Settings > Milestones

Milestones allow users to track and receive encouragement for import dates or events. Users can create or edit a milestone under the Milestone page. Options for milestones are public or private.

Public Milestone: If a milestone is marked as public, a post will be created on your milestone anniversary date congratulating you on that accomplishment. In addition, you'll receive a notification 10 days before the milestone date informing you up the upcoming milestone and giving the ability to update the milestone date or public/private setting.

Private Milestone: If your milestone is marked as private, you'll receiving an congratulatory notification, but users won't be notified of your milestone date.

Note: Sober birthdays are acknowledged at 30, 60, 90, 180, and 365 day intervals.

Milestone Settings:Sober Birthday

Example Milestone - Sober birthday:

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